Stijn Terpstra

2017-2018  preliminary program AKV|St. Joost, Den Bosch/Breda 2020-2021 KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Ghent, 2BA Photography exchange program. 2018-currently  Photography and Film BA, AKV|St.Joost Breda

2021 internship curator Iris sikking, Amsterdam

2021  aug. Noorderlicht international photo festival, Sugar factory Groningen 2021: The Makeable Mind
2021 july - aug. The grey area, ns16 tilburg group exhibition ‘nieuwe wegen, oude sporen’
2020 july - sep. Noorderlicht international photo festival, Groningen 2020: Generation Z

2019  june. RUIS online exhibition, St Joost film & photo. Live interview ‘interne ruis’:

2021 july. ‘Studenten St. Joost vertellen met foto en film over Tilburg: ‘De meeste daklozen zitten helemaal niet in het park aan het bier’ Algemeen Dagblad, Brabants Dagblad
Stijn Terpstra (b. 2000), photography student based in Breda.

I’ve always been intrigued by the restrictions that come with communicating, in all forms. With my work I look to research new ways communicate in the post-truth era. With my photographic work I have the ability and power to frame experiences, while in reality this moment has already been replaced. In a fast-paced society, I look to practice patience. Documenting is influencing the way of creating new memories, this theme is continuously present in my photographic approach. Past experiences construct our current reality in which we are able to contaminate and reimagine this information to the point where there’s no clear distinction between fact or fiction. When looking at photographic work, we are constantly reflecting on what we think we know or understand. I believe the collaboration between fact and fiction can lead to a more nuanced documentary work. With landscapes, still lifes and portraits I look to research the connection between photography and our memory.

photo by ellen merckx, 2020